A look at animal testing as abuse of the innocent

These animals are abused.

Animal Testing in Canada

These poor animals are either abandoned or further abused by the ignorant pet owners. Under tags like testing of medicines for the advancement in treatments for human benefit, humans take undue advantage of their superior position to ab use animals. This will be stopped. Bulls are made to fight against man, to prove who is mightier - man or beast.

Over 2 million dogs and cats are killed for their fur to produce fake fur coats.

Walking Dead Star Takes a Stand for Animals

We need to prosecute this monster the same way we would prosecute someone who did this to a child because animals are like children. Lue - Mar 4: Issues in Responsible Animal Experimentation.

This is absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking! What does this say about humans?

Does aero animal test?

Abusers of the victims who stay in With every tee, hoodie, bracelet, or dog accessory purchased, you can help save this victim of abuse! And this unjustice is considered legal. Time is of the essence. They were deemed not fast enough for the insane dog races enjoyed by humans.

Believe it or not- most of those products on your face are tested on someone. This test is extremely painful to the animals because death can take days or even weeks.

Active cruelty and depressing scenario when it was founded in the core. The footage shown of ITR lab in Montreal is outright torture and abuse of highly evolved animals. Are you sure that you want to delete this answer?

As long as the perpetrators are allowed to roam free, and not made to account for their acts of violence or negligence towards these innocent creatures who look to them for love and care, there is no way this can be stopped.

I sincerely hope that your lab will be shut down and these poor animals receive some care. The invertebrate number is still high as over million of them are estimated to have been used for lab testing. How about we test on murders and rapest.

If we need to test a product on animals then we do not need that product. How can I show you all and make everyone this is real and beyond all- cruel and unusual. The LD50 test is used to test the dosage of a substance that is necessary to cause death in fifty percent of the animal subjects within a certain amount of time.

Animal Cruelty Statistics

If this was not enough, accidental oil spills is a new kind of abuse that man has come up to torture those living in water. These abusers are then labeled victims and the poor animal is shot dead.

Meat Most people relate to animals as their source of food. Making human's lives better should not be justification for torturing and exploiting animals. Testing in Animal Labs Animals are tested in labs to find cures for human diseases.

The cosmetics industry has a dark secret. This is bigger than ITR. Parliament must enact laws to protect animals from these horrors. Yet animals' rights are violated when they are used in research because they are not given a choice.

Rescuers were in complete shock. Animal abuse can be reduced to a great extent, if people stop treating animals as their personal property.

Animals do not willingly sacrifice themselves for the advancement of human welfare and new technology. They are not fed properly or reared in unhygienic conditions, or taken care of medically, i.

There are over million ray fish, sharks and other aquatic animals that are caught unintentionally by fishing trolleys. Please get a Champ shirt, hoodie or tote here to donate to his Emergency medical care!

Are You a Victim of Veterinary Abuse?

Any treatment of animals, that includes negligence to care for them the way they need to be cared for, or that causes them harm, falls under the category of animal abuse.

Cosmetics are greed and we will never cure a human of any disease by testing on an innocent mouse.Animal Testing In my opinion, the best ways to help animals that suffer from abuse is to educate the public, go vegan (or eat less meat and dairy), cut your support of companies that abuse or exploit animals, and form organizations for animal welfare (or donate to them).

From weight gain to mood swings, how hormones can secretly dictate your health. As the chemical messengers in the body, hormones play an important role in many of our bodily functions.

Monkeys and Other Primates An Animal Exploitation Photo Journal and Gallery Presentation from dominicgaudious.net This all creatures animal exploitation photo gallery about Monkeys and Other Primates is being presented to show the public the difference between the cute animals we see in advertising and picture in our minds and the reality that exists in the world.

Get advice about volunteering for high-impact charities or choosing effective career paths, and dive into our research reports on the efficacy of different animal advocacy interventions. An animal rights group is using new reports of animal welfare violations at a Department of Veterans Affairs research facility to strengthen its case against animal testing in government research.

animal abuse is the act of intentionally causing the deprivation of shelter, water, food, socialization, medical care or even maiming, torturing, mutilating or killing an animal.

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A look at animal testing as abuse of the innocent
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