An analysis of the image of vampires in literature

In this regard, Ann Davis interprets vampires as the embodiment of otherness because they are not able to live a life that conforms completely to human existence Because of the supposition that vampires caused death, blaming the epidemics on them and hunt and kill them, seemed a very easy solution Robinson 8—9.

Vampires are presented as antagonists and aristocratic antiheroes who threaten and kill human beings, using their supernatural powers to satisfy their needs without any sense of remorse.

He is the other and the opposite of Harry's goodness and there is ultimately room in their world for only one of them. In the beginning, vampires could be found in the horror and fantasy genres of literature and film.

Essay on dulce et deco rum est the causes of deforestation essays. As stated above, the modern vampire is capable of a wide range of emotions. Because the story is gradually becoming more complex and the number of characters is increasing, I will provide relevant information about both the plot and principal characters in order to facilitate the understanding of my subsequent analysis of the image of vampires in The Vampire Diaries.

Although sympathetic vampires are marginal figures Will who do not aspire to sociability, there is at least some degree of interaction with humans. So the future Scrooge is a doppelganger of the actual Scrooge and he also has the apparition qualities. The fourth chapter constitutes the greater part of my thesis and considers the representation of vampires in the TV series The Vampire Diaries.

In television and film, vampires are generally played by young, attractive actors and actresses. Vampires and humans start to infiltrate each other Inoue To secure such a meaning and to give the reader the possibility to identify with the vampire, requires that the figure is a citizen of the current age.

Vampires and Religion 7. Bonnie Bennett originates from a witch bloodline, Tyler Lockwood is a werewolf, and Caroline Forbes becomes a vampire in season two, transformed by Katherine. Both actors John Travolta and Nicholas Cage have been said to have Doppelgangers from historypeople from the past that bear an uncanny resemblance to their current selves.

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In the 19th century and the first half of the 20th century the image of vampires as the embodiment of evil was relatively stable and homogeneous. Source A doppelganger can have several variations in meaning. As a result, the vampire becomes a viewpoint character Klewer Isabella Swan is personified as the equal lover of the vampire Edward Cullen and never functions as victim.

Some people have met their double one that had no known relation and others remind someone of someone else.Atlanta Vampire Alliance [AVA] - A Real Vampire House For Psychic & Sanguinarian Vampires (Vampyres) Serving The Atlanta, Georgia Community. Vampirism Resources, Forum, & Links.

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- Discussions of the most influential literature, such as Dracula, Dead Until Dark, Interview with a Vampire, and I Am Legend. Vampires are among the most read about creatures in literature and, as many would argue, the best creatures in all of literature.

Still, there are a number of things essential in every vampire story. For example, the very essence of a vampire is a creature that steals innocence and purity from others while not caring about hurting or destroying.

The Development of the Vampire in English Literature from the 19th Century to the Present

For many centuries this crude, bloodcurdling image prevailed what is now known to us as the blood sucking vampire. This description of Dracula, as illustrated by Bram Stoker incompares nowhere near the handsome, romantic, and charming figure vampires have become in modern day film and literature.

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Vampires, which originally are mythical monsters in fictional novels, is nowadays seen in many form of literature as one of a major mystery. In most cases, they are immortal, fly in the nights, transform or manipulates vampire bats. Start with LITERATURE databases: If your research focuses on a literary topic (like Mary Shelley or the novel Frankenstein) you may wish to start your research by using the library's LITERATURE databases.

An analysis of the image of vampires in literature
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