An analysis of the junipero sarra by steven hackel

In Mexico, Serra first worked as a missionary to Indians and as an uncompromising agent of the Inquisition.

Junipero Serra exhibition at the Huntington seeks a full view

But his legacy is divisive. Original baptismal registers and portraits by prominent Spanish and New World painters such as Miguel Cabrera help illustrate this formative period. The insights are that they're naked and they live like Adam. The other conspirators openly admit to each other that they need Brutus to participate because they know that their actions would be seen as treasonous without his reputation to make them look better than they are.

They should remove the names of the other Spanish colonists from the campus, as well as Serra's, from all its streets.

Sainthood for Junipero Serra, California’s controversial founding father

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He then became an itinerant preacher, gaining a reputation as a mesmerizing orator who could inspire, enthrall, and terrify his audiences at will.

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It is important that Stanford foster a campus environment that welcomes and nurtures diversity and multiculturalism.

Stanford seems committed to scaling back Serra's presence on its campus. Based on exhaustive research and a vivid narrative, this is an essential portrait of America's least understood founder.

With a potent blend of Franciscan piety and worldly cunning, he outmaneuvered Spanish royal officials, rival religious orders, and avaricious settlers to establish himself as a peerless frontier administrator.

Serra, in his hope to save souls, unwittingly helped bring about the massive decline of California's indigenous population. Susan Turner-Lowe is the vice president for communications at The Huntington.

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He modeled himself on ferociously devout Franciscans like Ramon Llull, absorbing dogma and adopting the favored practices of extreme poverty and self-flagellation. California's military leaders rarely shared his zeal, Indians often opposed his efforts, and ultimately the missions proved to be cauldrons of disease and discontent.

An analysis of tattoos on the heart

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In the culminating years of his life, he extended Spanish dominion north, founding and promoting missions in present-day San Diego, Los Angeles, Monterey, and San Francisco.

To learn more about cookies, please see our cookie policy. Earlier this year, the California legislature proposed legislation to replace Serra with Dr. Both of them have weakened their own cause by continuing to display the same flaws each exhibited in the early acts.

But to see men like Serra as all powerful is to deny the degree to which Indians not only resisted the missions but also, in one way or another, under horrific conditions, played a vital role in the religious and economic worlds that emerged there as they navigated the challenges of colonialism and sought to make the missions their own.

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But as a Stanford alum, an expert on Father Serra and California history, and a scholar who consulted with the original faculty committee that took up the question of removing Serra's name from the campus, I cannot help but wonder about the scope of this decision, the contradictions inherent in the remedies it proposes, and what it says about our understanding of Serra and the missions.

I fear that Stanford's decision is based on, and will perpetuate, a highly selective reading of recent scholarship on the California missions, and that it heralds the return of a discredited historical orthodoxy in which Serra is one-dimensional and California Indians are passive victims.

Hackel is a professor of history at UC Riverside and the author of three books, including "Junipero Serra: But his legacy is divisive. Serra became a missionary late in life and arrived in California in at the age of 54, the same year King George II granted the Ohio Land Company a charter to settle along the Ohio River.

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Based on exhaustive research and a vivid narrative, this is an essential portrait of America's least understood founder. California's Founding Father, is the first to remove Serra from the realm of polemic and place him within the currents of history.6 8 FURTHERREADING Pointsofinterest ManycitiesinCaliforniahavestreets,trails,andother features named after Serra.

Examples include Santa Barbara. Serra is also a secular figure, a “founding father” of California, who established missions and presidios with names like San Diego, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, that would become the backbone of the civic infrastructure of a territory that was first Spanish, then Mexican, then briefly independent, and finally part of the United States.

Exhibition curators Stephen W. Hackel and Catherine Gudis present evidence that challenges these early approaches, allowing visitors to thoughtfully reflect upon Serra’s life and to develop their own conclusions concerning his legacies.

Serra “was uncompromising,” Steven Hackel, a history professor at University of California, Riverside and author of a biography of Serra, told Catholic News Service.

But Hackel said that. A new biography by co-curator of the exhibition Steven Hackel, Junípero Serra: California’s Founding Father, is due out in early September.

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An analysis of the junipero sarra by steven hackel
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