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Consciousness, according to strong reductionism, can be fully analyzed and explained in functional terms, even if it does not seem that way. Eliminativism Eliminativism holds that there is no hard problem of consciousness because there is no consciousness to worry about in the first place.

Weak Reductionism Weak reductionism, in contrast to the strong version, holds that consciousness is a simple or basic phenomenon, one that cannot be informatively broken down into simpler nonconscious elements.

They can agree that at present we do not know how consciousness fits into the physical world, but the possibility is open that future science will clear up the mystery. These views are cataloged as functionalist because of the way they answer the hard problem: Why is it part of citizenship?

The particular qualities that accompany specific mental operations—like the reddish quality accompanying our detection and categorization of an apple, say—seem only contingently connected to the functional processes involved in detection and categorization.

The second presents an empirically-discovered realizer of the functionally characterized target, one playing that very functional role. If these classic signs of test anxiety sound familiar, your grades and test scores may not reflect your true abilities. It may be that there is a more basic substance underlying all physical matter and this basic substance possesses phenomenal as well as physical properties dual aspect theory: And if experienced qualities cannot be informatively described, how could they be adequately captured in an explanatory theory?

These views have all received detailed elaboration in past eras of philosophy, but they have seen a distinct revival as responses to the hard problem.

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Two views and an argument. If consciousness really could be functionally characterized, these problems would disappear. The apparent implausibility of epiphenomenalism may be enough to motivate adherence to weak reductionism, even with its explanatory short-comings.

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Judith Shklar argues in her book that there are two essential elements of American citizenship: The properties might emerge from some combination of nonphenomenal properties emergent dualism—compare Broad or they might be present as a fundamental feature of reality, one that necessarily correlates with physical matter in our world, but could in principle come apart from the physical in another possible world.

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Interactionist dualism, of both the substance and property type, holds that consciousness is causally efficacious in the production of bodily behavior.

Roberts and Company, The Nature of Consciousness. Data seems objective, so we tend to trust it, and we may very well come to trust the gleanings from data crunching more than we do ourselves and our human colleagues and friends.

This difficulty lies at the heart of the hard problem. With humans being somewhat unpredictable well, until an algorithm completely removes that illusionwe get the benefit of surprises, happy accidents, and unexpected connections and intuitions.

The task of a theory of consciousness, then, is to explain the awareness accounting for this difference. For equal individual rights, check the Declaration of Independence, second paragraph.

Amazon has been testing stores—even grocery stores! Levine argues that a good scientific explanation ought to deductively entail what it explains, allowing us to infer the presence of the target phenomenon from a statement of laws or mechanisms and initial conditions Levine But it seems plausible that there must be such bases—how could there be dispositions to behave thus-and-so without some categorical base to ground the disposition?

Those who actively participate in groups, elections, etc. Other examples of such brute identity—of electricity and magnetism into one force, say—occur at the foundational level of physics.

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Cornell University Press, Responses to the Problem a. On this view, it is metaphysically possible that the physical substrate occurs without the phenomenal properties, indicating their ontological independence, but phenomenal properties cannot exist on their own. Judging by the evidence, that conclusion seems inescapable.

Social networks are also a source of unhappiness. This view must explain what it means to say that everything is conscious in some sense. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.

S Churchland ; Crick ; and Koch Biology Midterm Review Sheet *** This is a general review sheet. It covers the main concepts from each chapter.

It covers the main concepts from each chapter. You should also review your notes, vocab notecards, quizzes, tests, and labs to thoroughly prepare for this exam.

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The Hard Problem of Consciousness.

Midterm Review

The hard problem of consciousness is the problem of explaining why any physical state is conscious rather than nonconscious.

Midterm review essay
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