The need for stricter laws to deal with increased online crimes and frauds

Using credit cards by obtaining password illegally. Increasing criminal penalties for these activities should help police in combating auto-theft.

The article was also corrected on December 17 to include that being an accessory to a serious crime including murder is covered by the Bail Amendment Bill While the law protects online vendors and libraries from liability, it provides a strong deterrent and gives new teeth to law enforcement to catch these predators in the act.


But it would be too farfetched to decipher unique identification feature to mean sensitive personal information unless interpreted by the judiciary or expressly provided by a legislation. The Commission should help prosecutors take full advantage of forensic work in putting violent criminals behind bars.

The facility of being anonymous is giving opportunity to cyber criminals. This measure doubles the maximum imprisonment from 90 to days, and imposes a six-month license revocation for the new DWAI misdemeanor offense.

Financial gain was the biggest motive for cyber crimes. Women and children have also been provided protection under Section 67 A and 67 B of the Act.

A person convicted of fraud will have to pay money to victims, compensating them for any loss they suffered. The law also gives the Family Court new enforcement options for violations of orders of protection, including referring the case to a district attorney or directly to criminal court.

India is ready for a digital revolution but it should be done with proper security cover.

White Collar Crime

Some sophisticated skimming devices generate an automatic message received by the thief, each time a person swipes his card. The findings are likely to be seized on by critics of the government's plans for reducing the number of police officers as part of spending cuts.

Reprinteffective November 1, ". Cybercrimes Against Society at large: This law makes it more difficult for abusers to use guns against their victims. Counterfeiting Anyone who produces counterfeit currencydocuments, or goods also commits a type of fraud. It may include within its purview any kind of physical harm done to the computer of any person.

Laws on Fraud

If offenders were made to serve two-thirds of their sentence in custody, rather than the current half, it suggests that there would be 21, fewer recorded burglaries and 11, fewer recorded frauds in England and Wales.

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Drug Laws and Drug Crimes

These principles have been the driving force behind tough new laws which have made our prisons safer, more closely monitored inmates on probation, and eliminated work and temporary release programs for violent felons. This law closes this loophole by making sure all violations carry equal weight regardless of where the offense took place.

Any unlawful act by which the owner is deprived completely or partially of his rights is an offence. The judge must revoke the license when the abuser commits certain serious acts. Hence, the ambit of such crimes was widened to include computer data related crimes as well.Fraud involves using a lie, deception, falsehood, or dishonesty in an attempt to gain a benefit.

The states and the federal governments have identified some types of fraud as criminal--typical fraud crimes. A new law enacts two new crimes to increase the penalties for assaults committed by gangs of three or more people where serious physical injury is caused.

‘Digital economy needs stricter cyber laws’

The new crimes of Gang Assault in the First and Second Degrees (Class B and Class C violent. The Heritage Foundation is a public policy, research, and educational organization recognized as exempt under section (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Financial frauds and fake online lottery and job scams damage the economic condition. Stalking, cyber bullying and harassment through online increased drastically.

Cyber crime may cause damage to the social and communal harmony by spreading provocative media files and messages without the fear of being caught thus encouraging youth to get involved in such activities. For fraud, an increase in sentences from to months would result in a reduction of 4, offences a year, out ofStricter bail laws would be an assault on our rights.

and we just need, unfortunately, to deal with it. So you say that stricter bail laws are an imposition on our rights. Well sunshine.

The need for stricter laws to deal with increased online crimes and frauds
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