Writing a letter to my abusive husband

I was utterly distraught. I noticed that I never even knew you had been lying to me then. I see now, you will never love me.

It is only my courage that can end this charade. Just like I did. I am to blame for the actions I have taken, because I kept my cool for 17 years and let your emotions and your abuse get the best of me. I realize that your projecting, and I realize your the one sleeping around. There have been so many time when I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have found you.

From Welfare to Leadership

I will go to J at least she has respect for me…or at least she did before you walked into that room yesterday…. I hope you get better, either with me or without me. I am just fed up, and my heart can't take it anymore.

And I cant go back. I've been hiding from this truth for years, too afraid to face it and make the decisions I didn't want to make.

A letter to … my husband, the secret abuser

But I regret that my love alone cannot fill the gaps and emptiness that you now feel because of your past. And some day your daughters will be old enough to see you for who you really are as well, and they will distance themselves from you the same as I have.

And I checked your phone, I saw how you say those same things about me too. At the moment, she will be feeling loved and cherished and special, the luckiest woman alive.

I notice how you talk about people behind their backs and say horrible, judgmental things about them. To laugh at me is to be honest. I know you'd like it to be that easy but it's not. I thought that everyone was walking on eggshells afraid of how their spouses were going to react.

I know Jesus is with me, The Holy Spirit has comforted me and i have seen many signs of His presence in things that have happened. He goes out for lunch and breakfast with friends.

The first step to healing is recognizing and identifying the situation for what it is. Ending our marriage won't solve your problems.

I was so trusting, and innocent. I notice how you talk about people behind their backs and say horrible, judgmental things about them. I knew you were selfish and I joked with friends that if we were ever shipwrecked and a lifeboat came along with room left for only one, you would be clambering across me to get to it.

The other part of me says Jesus says love your enemies and forgive them. I notice how you put me down in public and deliberately humiliate me in front of our friends, in order to tell a story or try and make yourself look good.

But I can't lie anymore.Apology Letter to an Abusive Husband. by Wila To my Husband RJ, I expect my words to be ignored and ridiculed. I expect my deepest feelings to be unimportant. Here Is the Powerful Statement a Wife Read Aloud to the Court and Her Abusive Husband Neha Rastogi was allowed to deliver her victim-impact statement only after the prosecutor cut a deal with her.

If this letter rings a bell or touches a chord, you may be in an abusive relationship. The first step to healing is recognizing and identifying the situation for what it is.

If you feel your relationship may be verbally and emotionally abusive, talk to people you trust. The difference is I have been on to my husband's emotional abuse for quite sometime and I have built up a file on all his outburst, mood swings, alcoholic episodes, and drug abuse.

My husband grew up in a boys home and later had cancer and afterwards was accepted into medical school. Letter to Abusive Husband Mr. Religious-Abuser My name is Doug Burrell, co-founder of a ministry that helps women who are married to super religious, super anointed, scripture spouting, pharisaical vipers who are full of dead men’s bones!

Open Letter to my Abusive Husband- All the things I wish I could tell you, that you wouldn't listen to anyway.

I’ve been thinking of writing him a letter just like that. I doubt he’d read it though and really, would it do any good? I feel this letter so much because my husband makes the dumbest choices, and claims to be a man of.

Writing a letter to my abusive husband
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